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Great dryer. Great price for a 2 roll setup. Has lots of ports to run the filament through. Has a deflector tray at the bottom to divert the heat away from the bottoms of the spools. The controls are easy to use and has a digital hygrometer reading on the display. Dried my filament in 6 hours and I can keep it going while printing.

Samson L. Tackson

I’m liking so far the ease and simplicity of this design. I also do love the way it looks in my 3d printing room. It works well. So it’s nice to be able to pick up and use right away. It also has some good power to it and heats up pretty fast. It also overall doesn’t take much space up. I’m definitely content with it!


Roger p.

The dry box came very well packaged. Overall, it fits two rolls of filament perfectly and even has wider and taller dimensions to accommodate various filament roll sizes. The operation is pretty quiet as well, and I like that it’s a sleek design that I can just put in my office. The nice to have would be an LED light. Highly recommended

Breakfast & Munchies

This seems to have saved my brittle filament. I'm still learning when it comes to 3d printing and leaving my filament in my humid craft room has caused it to get brittle and break going into the extruder. It has heating elements all the way around the inside and is more effective and higher quality.

Steven Wise 

Well packaged and easy to read instructions make using this a pleasure. Works great straight out of the box with clear user information screen and simple to use interface. Easy to set up and near silent operation. I would recommend this for any filament type 3D Printer user.

David Coley

I've used four different filament dryers and this is one of my two favorites. I really like that it holds two spools and that it has controls for temp and timer, not just a "high-medium-low" setting like some other dryers. The fan helps heat the spools evenly. Having the humidity monitor is nice too.


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