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The Knob: A Must-Have Accessory for Precise 3D Printer Control

The Knob: A Must-Have Accessory for Precise 3D Printer Control

The knob

A knob is a simple mechanical device used to control the rotation or position of something. It is usually a round handle with an indentation on top that can be turned.

The Knob is an accessory that allows you to precisely control your 3D printer's speed and temperature. It's designed to be simple, easy to use, and affordable.

The knob is an accessory that's very useful when you're using a 3D printer. The knob helps you control your printer more precisely, making it easier to print and save time.

A knob can be used in place of a mouse or keyboard when you're operating a computer or other device with a graphical user interface (GUI). It has a set of buttons that allow you to perform actions like moving the cursor around onscreen, clicking on items and entering text.

In addition to making it easier to operate your 3D printer, knobs can also provide tactile feedback as well as extra functionality. For example, some knobs include buttons that allow you to perform functions such as changing modes or turning off the device altogether.

Why a Knob?

The Knob is the first accessory designed specifically for 3D printing. It gives you more precise control of your printer than ever before. With The Knob, you just turn it until you get the right speed or temperature setting — No more guessing or trying to remember what numbers to use.

The advantage of a knob is that it gives you more precise control over your print. The disadvantage is that it requires more time to set up — no matter what type of 3D printer you have, there will be some kind of calibration step required before you can use the knob.

That said, I'd argue that knobs are still worth using. They're especially useful if you're printing small parts or doing very fine-grained movements. They also let you make changes on-the-fly without having to pause your print job and walk over to the computer with each tweak.

Why Buy the Knob?

It works with all printers: The Knob works with any printer that supports Marlin firmware (most printers do), so it can be used on your existing printer without any modifications needed. It also works with most slicers (like Simplify3D), so there's no need for a separate controller board or software.

The Knob is a must-have accessory for precise 3D printer control. It's a simple, yet incredibly high-quality knob replacement for the hot end on your printer.

The Knob has been designed to give you accurate control over your printer's hot end temperature. This makes it easier than ever to print with exotic filaments like carbon fiber or conductive PLA, as well as improve your experience with PETG and other materials that require fine temperature adjustments.

The Knob comes in three different versions, each with its own unique features:

The Original - Simply replaces the stock knob on your printer so you can use it just like before!

The Deluxe - Adds an LCD screen and buttons that allow you to monitor and adjust your printer's temperature without opening up the case!

The Ultimate - Adds an LCD screen and buttons that allow you to monitor and adjust your printer's temperature without opening up the case! It also adds a touch screen interface so you can tune in more precisely using our software.

What does it do?

A knob allows you to adjust the speed of your 3D printer without having to stop what you're doing and go back into the software. The knob will let you make changes on the fly so that you can make small adjustments as needed throughout the print process.

The Knob is a simple, easy-to-use device that lets you achieve the perfect 3D print. It lets you precisely control the speed and direction of your printer's x, y and z axes with a single knob. No more frustration with clumsy hand wheels or clicking through menus on your printer's screen. With The Knob, you can make fine adjustments while printing quickly and easily, so you can get back to what really matters — making great prints!

The Knob's long shaft is perfectly sized for use with most printers, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for hours at a time. You can mount it anywhere on your printer that has enough clearance for an 8mm diameter rod (about 1/3" in diameter), such as on an existing Z axis carriage or on the side of an enclosure if you're building one yourself.

The Knob comes in the version for direct connection to the stepper motor shaft (which requires a 5mm ID hole) and one for direct connection to the endstop microswitch (which requires no additional hardware).

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