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Embrace a Creatively Artistic Halloween Journey with Fixdry

Embrace a Creatively Artistic Halloween Journey with Fixdry

During the Fixdry Happy Halloween sitewide promotion, customers can enjoy:

9% off on all products!

Get $16 off orders over $150!

Get $25 off orders over $200!

Halloween is fast approaching, and we've got the perfect way to make this season one to remember.

This limited-time event runs from October 25th to November 1st and presents the perfect opportunity to turn your Halloween ideas into reality and make this season one to remember. Don't miss out on these spooktacular savings!

Our Happy Halloween promotion will let you enjoy more benefits than ever before! So don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Halloween is a time for celebrating all things spooky, scary and downright creepy. Whether you're an artist or not, there's no reason why you can't have a little fun with your home decor!

We've got a fun, creative way to make your Halloween decorations stand out from the rest.

While you can buy premade decorations at the store, we wanted to show you how easy it is to create your own Halloween masterpiece with Fixdry's dryer box and filaments.

The Fixdry Dryer Box is the perfect tool to help you create some truly unique Halloween decorations. The dryer box has a built-in fan to keep your printer running at optimal temperatures during long print jobs.

If you are looking for something unconventional, Fixdry offers a wide range of Halloween filament products that can help you create unique Halloween decorations.

From dazzling customized decorations to costumes or party favors, we are your one-stop destination for all your Halloween needs. Our creative Halloween filament products are specially designed to give you the best experience this coming Halloween.

The Fixdry team has been hard at work creating a spooky Halloween experience for you, filled with decorations and decorating tips. Take your inspiration from the Fixdry blog and get creative with your Halloween plans.

You can make your own Halloween decorations with the help of Fixdry printing filament. You can use these products to transform your home, office and commercial spaces into a haunted house.

The following are some creative DIY ideas for Halloween decorations:

Printing Filament Products – Create your own Halloween decorations with the help of Fixdry printing filament products. These products come in various colors and sizes. You can choose from a variety of spools or rolls depending on your needs. You may also choose to buy mixed spools or rolls that include different colors and sizes for more variety in your designs.

Halloween Decorations – Transform your home, office or commercial space into a haunted house with these creative ideas for DIY Halloween decorations using Fixdry printing filament products:

1) Print a ghostly figure on paper and hang it up wherever you want to scare someone. This is a simple way to create an eerie atmosphere during Halloween without spending much money on materials or labor;

2) Print several figures at once using different colored filaments so they will look realistic;

3) Print a coffin using black filament and paint it white afterwards so it looks like an actual coffin;

4) Print a coffin with transparent design inside

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, so why not take advantage of your Fixdry 3D printer and make some great Halloween-themed items? You can print out metal key chains, masks, and much more. Here are some ideas for filaments printing Halloween supplies using this remarkable machine:

Personalized Keychains:

When it comes to personalization, nothing beats a keychain with your name on it. Get a personalized keychain from Fixdry printing filaments today.

Interesting Masks:

If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive way to give your Halloween party some flair, consider making masks for everyone in your group. They'll love wearing them as they trick-or-treat!

Halloween Decorations:

You can print out decorations for your home or office by using the Fixdry 3D printer. From party favors to door decorations and everything in between, we've got what you're looking for! Our Fixdry 3D printer filament dual colors and triple colors material bundle have various colors for you to print brilliant halloween products.

FIXDRY 3D Printer Filament Dual Colors and Triple Colors Material Bundle

We are very happy to introduce our Fixdry 3D printer filament material. This is a high quality, colorful filament for the FDM 3D printing machines. We have designed this product in such a way that it provides an easy and convenient way to use our filament.


- High quality, colorful material for FDM 3D printing machines.

- Designed to give you a smooth and consistent printing experience

- The unique color combination of each spool makes it easier for you to identify your color during the printing process

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