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Advantages of Using a Dryer Box: Protecting Your Valuables from Moisture

Advantages of Using a Dryer Box: Protecting Your Valuables from Moisture

Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 Features

  1. Extra Large Homothermic Box

Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 has a large inside space, Can use 2 rolls of 1kg filaments/1 roll of 2kg filament at the same time, Suitable for multiformat filaments which include 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm

  1. Adjustable heating temperature

The drying temperature can be set and the operation process is simple. The temperature can be set in a wider range, up to 70°C.

  1. Optimized heating method

Hot air heating makes drying more efficient; the unique air duct design makes DOUBLE-NT1 conform to the principle of air thermodynamics, and the filament is heated more evenly.

  1. Closed-loop constant heating

Real-time monitoring of the temperature in the box, keeping the temperature in the box constant by using the closed-loop intermittent heating mode

  1. Heating time can be set freely

The heating time can be set based on your requirement, the countdown setup is from Oh to 48 hours and the shutdown is accurate to minute. You can set unlimited heating as well. In this setting,Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 is in the normally open state.

  1. Fire retardant material

The core components of Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 are made of VO flame-retardant materials.This will make DOUBLE-NT1 even safer.

  1. Real-time humidity monitoring

Independent humidity detector, digital display. The measuring range is from 10%to 99%. At the time when Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 is working, the humidity inside the box can drop to as low as 10%.

  1. Blow-proof Shroud

When you only dry the printing filament and do not print at the same time, use the shroud to prevent the hot air from blowing the printing filament directly and causing deformation.

  1. Unique appearance design

Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 is designed with a sense of technology, using the visible top cover and a stainless steel anti-fingerprint metal base to let the user is able to clearly understand the current remaining material status.

  1. Drying & printing same time.

Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 is able to achieve drying while printing. A total of 8 holes are set on the shell to make multi-directional outlets possible in order to satisfy the use of various types of printers or multiple printers used at the same time.

  1. Product Safety Certificates

Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 has CE, UKCA, FCC, ROHS, PSE, and REACH Certificates.

Working Principle

Our Filament Dryer Box DOUBLE-NT1 utilizes PTC heating technology and a fan to effectively dry and dehumidify your filaments. The hot air is blown into the dryer from the outlet, and then the fan circulates the air to ensure even distribution of heat. Therefore, due to the temperature difference at different positions inside the dryer, you may notice slight variations in the temperature compared to the set temperature. However, this is a normal occurrence and does not affect the dehumidifying performance of the dryer.

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