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" How a Filament Dryer Can Save Your Time and Money in 3D Printing? "

" How a Filament Dryer Can Save Your Time and Money in 3D Printing? "

Filament dryer

3D printing is an incredible technology for producing parts, prototypes and even complete products. However, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is how long it takes to print a part.

If you’re using FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology, then the print time can be up to several hours per layer, depending on your model. In addition, each layer must be cured with UV light before the next layer can be printed. This makes it impossible to print large parts in one sitting without spending all day in front of a printer.

The solution? Filament dryers!

3D printing is a great way to create things, but it can also be very time-consuming. One of the biggest challenges with 3D printing is making sure that the filament you use stays clean and dry.

The filament dryer is designed to make sure that your filaments are always ready when you need them. This device can save you time and money by drying your filaments quickly and efficiently.

What Is a Filament Dryer Machine?

A filament dryer is a device that uses heat from an electric heater to remove any moisture from your 3D printer's filament before it enters the extruder head on your printer. Moisture in 3D printer filament can cause problems with print quality and productivity while also damaging your printer over time.

The filament dryer is a 3D printing tool that is used to cure and dry the filament before it is loaded into the printer. The filament dryer machine takes in raw filament from its spool and heats it up to a certain temperature before blowing hot air through it. This process helps to remove moisture from the filament, making it less likely to warp when printing.

The filament dryer machine can also be used for other purposes such as curing adhesive or removing moisture from the environment. In addition, some filament dryers can also be used as a vacuum chamber for heat treating materials like metals or ceramics.

How Does It Work?

The filament dryer works by passing the filament through a chamber filled with heated air, which removes all moisture from the filament before it reaches the extruder head on your 3D printer. This not only ensures that your prints come out looking great, but also protects your printer over time by preventing rusting and corrosion caused by moisture buildup inside the extruder head or nozzle.

Why Should I Use A Filament Dryer?

The most obvious reason why you need a filament dryer is because it allows you to use older rolls of plastic filament that have been sitting around for weeks or months without drying out properly. This can happen if you keep taking new rolls out of their packaging and leaving them in an open bin or box on your desktop or workbench where they're exposed to air and humidity.

If you do this often, then eventually all of the plastic will be too moist to use anyway — even if it looks fine when you first open up the package!

If you're not going to be using that roll any time soon, then it makes sense to put it on a shelf (in its protective packaging) and let it sit there until you need it again instead of trying to save space by leaving it open and exposed to air every time you use up another spool.

The benefits of using a filament dryer include:

Longer shelf life — Moisture can cause the plastic to degrade over time, causing it to become brittle and weak. A dried filament will last longer than an untreated one, even if you store it in a humid environment.

Better printing — A dried filament will produce better results when you print with it. The extruder will have an easier time pushing the filament through the hot end because there will be no friction between the two surfaces.

Less waste — Filament that is too moist will not only clog up your printer, but also create a lot of waste as you try to get it out of the nozzle.

Eliminates the need for using expensive rolls of virgin material for each project because you can reuse older rolls that have been sitting around for weeks or months without drying out properly;

Save time – A filament dryer will help you save time by cutting down on the amount of time you spend waiting for an object to dry. With an average drying time of around five hours for ABS filament, this is definitely worth the investment!

Save money – Printing with ABS plastic also costs more than PLA or other materials used in 3D printing. A filament dryer can help reduce both the cost of printing as well as the cost of electricity.

Increase quality – Using a filament dryer while printing can help increase the quality of your prints by improving their appearance and reducing warping issues caused by moisture in the air during the printing process.

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