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1. What types of 3D printers can be used with a Fixdry filament dryer?

It can be used with any type of printers, as long as the filament can be fed from outside the printer enclosure.

2. Why choose a 3D Printing Dryer Box?

A 3D printing dryer box is necessary! Filaments are easy to absorb moisture, which brings printing problems, such as reducing the filaments and printers' life, decreasing the quality of prints, power-consuming and not being environmental-friendly, security risks, waste of money, etc. Since filament storage is an essential part of 3D printing, it is imperative to keep 3D printer material in a moisture-free environment, whether you choose to DIY or purchase a filament dryer box. Therefore, a filament dryer box is essential, since it can ensure that your materials don’t go to waste, especially if you buy many filaments, or don't use your 3D printer to print products very often, as noted by.

3. What's the capacity of a 2 spools dryer box?

It can use 2 rolls of 1kg filament, or 1 roll of 3kg filament at the same time. It is suitable for multiformat filaments, which include 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm.

4. What's In the Package?

Dryer box, teflon tube and a product manual.

5. What's the specifications of a 2 spools dryer box?

Item Weight: 5.1 pounds
Product Dimensions:12.2*8.19*13.54 inches
Cover Material: PC
Material Type: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1 Roll of 3kg / 2 Rolls of 1kg Filaments.
Drying Temperature: 20-70℃
Optional Drying Time: 0-48h
Diameter Format: 1 spool<174mm, 2 spools<80mm

6. What's the specifications of a knob / touch screen dryer box?

Total Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Dimensions: 9.6*9.6*5.7 inches
Material Type: Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, Polylactic Acid, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Capacity: ≤1kg
Optional Drying Time: 0-48h
Drying Temperature: 45-70℃(Knob Item)
Drying Temperature: 20-70℃(Touch Screen)
Diameter Format: 1 spool<68mm

7. What's the delivery time?

It takes 1-2 business days to process your order. The delivery time varies from 3 to 5 business days according to your address. Please note that we ONLY ship to the continental US. We are striving to deliver to more locations, and sorry for the current inconvenience.

8. What's the color of the 3D printer filament triple colors material?

Blue Green and Purple、Red Yellow and Blue、
Red Green and Blue、 Blue Green and Orange.

9. What's the specifications of 3D printer filament triple colors material?

Diameter Format: 1.75mm
Print Temperature: 190-220℃
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Print Speed: 25-45mm/s
N.W. : 1kg ( 2.2 lb )
Packing Size: 228.4*153.5*118.1 inches
Product Size: 78.7*78.7*255.9 inches
Length: 330m
Bed Temperature: 0-60℃

For FIXDRY 3D Printer Filament Triple Colors Material

1、What machines can the printer filaments be compatible with?
Ender3/Ender3 v2/Ender3 Pro、Flsun SR Super Racer、MINI Tina 2 and so on

2、What's the advantages of your filaments?
FIXDRY 3D Printer Filament Triple Colors Material provides a convenient, efficient, and visually striking solution for creating multi-colored 3D prints. It opens up new possibilities for artistic expression, design flexibility, and high-quality output.

Products Answers

1. If the dryer box can be always on?

Yes, it can be.
The heating time can be set based on your requirement, the countdown setup is from 0 hourto 48 hours and the shutdown is accurate to minute. You can set unlimited heating as well. In this setting, the dryer boxesare in the normally open state.

2. Is this dryer box safe for wood filament?

Yes, it is. The dryer box can be suitable for many material, including wood、ABS、ASA、PC and so on.

3. What is the input voltage of the dryer box?

The product input voltage is AC 100v - 240v, 50/60Hz per product parameter.

4. None of the commercially produced dryers seem to be able to expel water. Sovol suggested opening the lid for the SHO1 I had and leaving open holes for the filament to use inside the box, how to solve these problems?

Our Fixdry products have a built in-fan, so you don't need to worry about those problems.

5. Sunlu S2 only has a 1-port filament outlet, which, coupled with a single-sided display, makes it hard to fit on my desk, how can I solve these problems?

Our Fixdry 3D Filament 2 Spools Compatible Dryerbox DOUBLE-NT1 has 10 holes, FIXDRY 3D Printer Filament Knob Dryer Box NT1 and  Touch Screen Dryer Box NT2 has 2 holes, so they won't exist such problems above.

6. How to solve the water vapor problem?

The drying box comes with invisible pores, and the PTC heating evaporates the water through the built-in fan to take the water vapor away. Universities reduce the humidity of the printing wire, you can have a better printing experience.


1. Are 3D printer filament dryer boxes safe to use?

Compared with other equipment, the 3D printer filament dryer boxes are much safer to use as they produce less dust and less noise. 


1. What materials can I use with the 3D printer filament dryer box?

It works perfectly with all standard filament diameters 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm, such as Nylon, PLA, PVA, PC, TPU, PETG, PA, Wood, ABS, Silk, etc.


1. How many payment options to purchase a dryer box?

We offer the following payment options:Paypal, Credit Cards and Venmo.

2. What should I do, if I have a discount code?

Please click “checkout”. On the right side of your page, apply your discount code. Then, you can see the change of your price.

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